Specialty Seed Growers of Western Oregon

We are a non-profit group of growers working to support the specialty seed industry in the Willamette Valley of Oregon through education, research, and advocacy.

Seed Production in the Willamette Valley

Latest News

2023 Annual Member Meeting

Linn County Expo Center, January 17th, 8AM-1PM (tentative times–stay tuned for full schedule details) Pesticide Recertification Credits Available and Lunch Included

Annual Grower Meeting

Join us for our Annual Grower Meeting on January 21, 2022 This year’s annual meeting will be virtually and will include research reports from projects funded with SSGWO assessments. Contact your SSGWO Administrator for more information on how to join the meeting.

Research Funding Announced

Grower assessments funded 4 research proposals in 2022. Research projects funded are: Developing a New Technology to Protect Brassica Crops from Cabbage Maggot Feeding Damage Researchers: Kristie Buckland and Dani Lightle, OSU Symphylan Control In Vegetable Seed Crops Researchers: Navneet Kaur (OSU), Seth Dorman (USDA-ARS), and Kristie Buckland (OSU) Evaluating Soil Amendments for Effects on…

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